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Smart Design

Smart solutions are increasingly becoming a norm in today’s smart living. From temperature control to traffic control, innovative technologies are fast becoming a staple.

Interestingly enough, this innovation has found its way into the bathroom. The rising need for more personalized hygienic bathroom experiences has seen the invention of smart toilets and smart bidets.

KeliSSpace Smart Toilet and Smart Bidet are among the pioneering brands to bridge the gap in bathroom inconvenience.

These smart bathroom solutions have been designed with comfort in mind for an overall luxurious experience. The smart duo is also user-friendly enough to suit diverse uses from homes to hotels.

The integrated smart design rides on the latest smart technologies such as artificial intelligence, proximity sensing, and audio controls. Thus, you are sure to get nothing short of a futuristic bathroom experience.

What’s more, you get an opportunity to live in the future with today’s budget. Let’s get you there today by getting in touch.



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Smart Design?

Rooted in over 28 years of trustworthy and evolving smart solutions, KeliSSpace Smart Toilet and Smart Bidet stand out from the pack thanks to these well-thought-out attributes:

Futuristic Design

Thanks to a clever technology infusion, KeliSSpace Smart Toilet and
Smart Bidet are specially designed to effortlessly bring the future
into the present.
They leverage the highest quality functionality, ergonomics, and comfort to afford you a pioneering futuristic bathroom experience!

AI-Powered Operation

Both KeliSSpace Smart Toilet and Smart Bidet are powered with futuristic artificial intelligence to enhance friendly user interaction.
As you master the smart product, it equally masters you by taking keen note of your favorite control methods, options, and timings for the best personalized automation experience.

Affordable Pricing

For the high-end innovative
technology infusion, the price points of KeliSSpace Smart Toilet and Smart Bidet
are extremely reasonable.
The products come with extra
smart features and
options to offer
superior satisfaction without
detracting from your budget.


You Get

With budget worries out of the way, KeliSSpace Smart Toilet and Smart Bidet are designed to
effortlessly complement your smart lifestyle.

From advanced flush options to intuitive water savings, these smart bathroom companions boast tons of intelligent features to update your space with modernity.

KeliSSpace Smart toilet

Just like smartphones and other intelligent devices, KeliSSpace Smart Toilet is a superior addition to a smart lifestyle. Built for customized interaction, the toilet is sure to elevate your bathroom experience.

KeliSSpace Smart Toilet is specially crafted with the most advanced features of modern living including:
  • Proximity sensors
  • Automatic lid opening
  • Anti-bacterial nozzle
  • UV sterilization
  • Remote control
  • Automatic flushing
  • Emergency gravity flushing
  • Warm drying
  • Smart foaming

KeliSSpace Smart Bidet

What better companion for your smart toilet than a smart bidet? Pairing your KeliSSpace Smart Toilet with a KeliSSpace Smart Bidet only heightens your personalized bathroom experience.

Ultimately, you get double the value for your investment thanks to these intuitive complementing features:
  • Personalized male and female bidet cleansing
  • 3-level adjustable water pressures and temperature settings
  • Auto and manual flushing
  • Proximity sensor
  • Powerful self-cleaning sanitization
  • Night vision-friendly LED lighting
  • Anti-bacterial nozzle
  • Warm seating

Smart Solutions

Comfy Life!

Both KeliSSpace Smart Toilet and Smart Bidet come intuitively equipped with the latest innovative technologies. This instantly empowers them to add safety, convenience, and comfort to your bathroom experience.

What’s more, with smart solutions comes better customized experiences in the bathroom! While you can use KeliSSpace Smart Toilet and Smart Bidet separately, a combination yields a more wholesome experience.


For Smart People

To keep up with a huge global demand while ensuring premium quality, KeliSSpace Smart Toilet and Smart Bidet go through automated manufacturing.

Combining process automation and a skilled workforce yields nothing short of impeccable smart solutions that you can trust.

  • Best Production Quality

    Taken through first-class manufacturing processes, KeliSSpace Smart Toilet and Smart Bidet only ooze superior quality. As you use the products, you get to experience the highest bathroom efficiency.

  • The Best-in-class Service

    KeliSSpace Smart Toilet and Smart Bidet have been designed with industry best practices in mind. That’s how our smart design guarantees the best user experience.

  • 5-Star Standards

    Riding on industry-wide experience and evolving global trends, KeliSSpace Smart Toilet and Smart Bidet are designed to exceed customer expectations. Thus, embracing the smart solutions promises a high-end experience second to none.


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