KeliSSpace - Intelligent Design

A Smart Addition to your daily smart washroom experience


Smartest Design

Smart toilets, also known as shower toilets, a trending bathroom feature that enhances the standard of living in any home. KeliSSpace smart toilets are specifically designed to include the most advanced features in the industry. These features include proximity sensors, voice or remote control utilizing AI technology, automatic lid opening, UV sterilization, and several other innovative features.


Anti-Bacterial Nozzle

Unlike traditional tissue cleaning, the KeliSSpace smart toilet utilizes a water nozzle set to a comfortable water pressure of 0.2MPa, which can be adjusted to 3 different levels to provide a hassle-free cleaning. Water temperature is also adjustable, creating a more personalized experience. KeliSSpace smart toilet is designed with 2 separate outlet nozzles for rear and bidet cleaning.

With an adjustable water temperature, of 68°F-107°F (4 levels adjustment), you can personalize your cleaning experience, and the KeliSSpace will remember your most preferable settings.

Embedded with a thermal fuse and a sophisticated thermostat, the nozzle knows it’s limits.


UV Sterilization

The KeliSSpace smart toilet features UV-C sterilization, which is a safe radiation method that uses ultraviolet light to disinfect surfaces. NASA employs UV-C technology to stop the spread of pathogens and keep its astronauts safe in space. We employ UV-C sterilization in our smart toilets as a medical-grade disinfection technology. The UV sterilization function runs automatically, ensuring hassle-free and safe use.

UV – C ultraviolet disinfection function, which emits ultraviolet rays at 253.7 nm band and destroys DNA base pairs of pathogenic microorganisms. It spreads deep into every corner of the smart toilet and instantly destroys bacteria, with a germicidal rate as high as 99.9%.

During the time of operation, it kills 99,9% of bacteria. Of course, 0,01% will survive. So they are the same bacteria that couldn’t be defeated by brushes.


Warm Seat

After all, it may be cold outside but you don’t have to freeze for no reason. KeliSSpace is equipped with 4 levels of temperature adjustment, provided room temperature about 107°F. You can set the temperature adjustment, according to the season, no matter it’s a freezing winter or a sweaty summertime.

Installed with thermal fuse for safety, there is no worry for any malfunctioning.

Added with night light LED, even in the midnight darkness, your comfort is ensured.


Smart Remote - Manual

The sole purpose of having a smart system at home is, to have much convenient control. KeliSSpace is equipped with multiple advanced control systems. When you want to adjust the enhanced and more specific functions, the remote comes in handy. Mounted on side wall, all functions can be fine adjusted with the user-friendly remote controller.

And there is the side knob. Especially designed for day today easy control, and will be much convenient for the elderly and children.

After all, this is a sophisticated smart product, so the other sensors such as foot sensors and proximity sensors will function in handy, and in addition, voice control is also available in some models.


Instantaneous Heating Technology

Using an innovative built-in PID chip controller, KeliSSpace smart toilet features an instantaneous water heating arrangement to provide a continuous supply of warm water without delay or interruptions. The InstaHot heating arrangement is cost-effective, energy efficient, and environmentally friendly so you can choose your perfect temperature without concern.

Auto Lid

Automatic Lid Operation

Activated by a foot proximity sensor, the automatic lid operation is programmed to open the cover and lid with a light touch. The same foot proximity sensor is used for automatic flushing and will only activate if the cover and lid are already open. This easy-to-use function on our smart toilet makes every day feel more futuristic.

The sensors integrated will detect whether you are nearby, seated or leaving, and function the lid and seat cover accordingly. Even if you just leave the toilet once you are done, it will flush and close automatically. Or if you want it while you are there, then there is the foot sensor, just a light touch will get it done.


Gravity Flushing

In case of a power failure, the KeliSSpace smart toilet has a built-in water storage tank that can provide flushing even in emergencies.

We believe in the balance of modernity and functionality, which means our products are designed for all scenarios. You can trust KeliSSpace to have you covered in any situation.


Warm Drying

KeliSSpace smart toilet has a warm air supply feature that offers a comforting feeling after the cleansing process. Traditional tissue cleaning is no match for the cleanliness and perfect comfort that KeliSSpace smart toilet offers.

Whether you live in a condo or a castle, the innovative functions of the KeliSSpace smart toilet provide futuristic comfort.

A Layer of Protection

Smart Foaming

Keeping your smart toilet fresh and odor-free is a breeze with our smart foaming mechanism. The intelligently controlled foaming mechanism enables the efficient use of a deodorant anti-bacterial liquid that creates and maintains a foamy layer on top of the water in the bowl. This foam layer helps to mitigate unwanted splashing and creates an effective scent barrier.

Constant deodorizing keep your washroom environment fresh and scented nicely.