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Keliss Living Home Co., LTD is one of the largest interior designers and manufacturers in China…


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Keliss Living Home Co., LTD is one of China’s largest interior designers and manufacturers. Founded in 1994, Keliss has been a proud supplier of interior items for luxury hotel construction projects such as Hilton, Marriot, Boudl, Sofitel, and a dozen more.

Being a luxury interior items manufacturer and supplier for over two decades, Keliss Living Home has attained a prestigious position among luxury interior suppliers globally.

Keliss’ main manufacturing plant is based in Shandong, China, boasting an acreage of a whopping 62,109 Square Meters. What’s more, the plant also boasts significant value backed by a total initial investment of 1.27 Billion Yuan.

The enormous Shandong-based plant initially focused on high-end carpets and luxury interior manufacturing, thanks to the concerted effort of Keliss’ high-tech automated machinery coupled with a highly qualified workforce.

Since its initial establishment, Keliss has been proudly supplying numerous 5-star hotel construction projects and other interior chains, including the famous Ashely Furniture chain in the USA.

Currently equipped with 76.61 Million USD infrastructure and a 1,569 highly skilled workforce, including 20 qualified master class engineers, 122 graduate engineers, multinational research and development team, and a well-trained and motivated staff, Keliss Living Home continues to provide high-end luxury interior items at the best affordable price points.

Meet Keliss’ latest invention!

Keliss – Smart products are the newest addition to Keliss Living Home luxury interior.


Focusing on smart toilets and smart bidets, Keliss – Smart delivers state-of-the-art smart products fully integrated with AI tech and PID controllers to provide a luxurious experience for comparatively lower prices.


What’s more, Keliss – Smart products come bundled in a friendly and smooth purchasing experience. At the end of your purchase, you not only get your full money’s worth but also more efficiency, functionality, and interaction from your smart toilet and smart bidet.


What a seamless way to update your smart home with smarter solutions!

Whom does Keliss serve?

Thanks to the deep-rooted commitment of Keliss’ experienced workforce, all its innovations are customer-driven.

Keliss’ team understands the importance of bringing the future today to complement your transition to smart living effortlessly. Thus, Keliss is working tirelessly to ensure smart living across the globe becomes the new normal.

Currently, Keliss supplies clients across Europe, North America and Middle East with the latest in smart interior items.

Whether you are looking for luxury and high-end smart solutions for your home or company, Keliss never runs out of creative solutions.

Leveraging smart designs second to none, Keliss-Smart products come with a greater value not only to your space but also to your lifestyle.

Do you feel it is time to switch to a smarter home? Contact Keliss today to discuss how you can start by upgrading your bathroom with the latest technology!

Why invest in Keliss smart products?

The time for fully-fledged smart homes has at last dawned. Smart toilets and smart bidets are an integral part of that equation.

The smart duo has attracted a potentially huge market, especially in the developed world, where the vast majority of people use a toilet multiple times a day. Furthermore, the whole world is rapidly marching toward an inevitable luxurious future as luxury becomes the new norm.

As a company with a long-term vision, Keliss Living Home is committed to delivering luxurious interior comfort around the globe at a fair price.

Will the smart toilet become a common and normal bathroom fixture? Well, a few years back, this question could have been applicable only in the developed world. But with the rapid progress in emerging economies, it is only a matter of time until the whole world starts marching toward a comfortable and luxurious smart environment.

As a responsible company founded on integrity, Keliss Living Home is committed to exploring new horizons in smart interior technologies. Keliss seeks to leverage its well-established infrastructure and manufacturing capabilities to provide high-tech smart technologies to the world at a reasonable price.

Moreover, Keliss smart designs have been tried, tested, proven, and found to resonate perfectly with the evolving smart needs of smart people and smart homes.

That makes Keliss a dependable manufacturer and its smart products a timely solution.

Why install

Keliss smart toilets and smart bidets?

It is no secret smart toilets and smart bidets are fast becoming commonplace in many parts of the world. This life-transforming revolution is largely fueled by the rapid advent of smart homes and smart appliances.

As most people strive to bring the future today, the bathroom experience is catching up fast. Beyond the fanciful motion-sensor lights and faucets, modern bathrooms are now witnessing more intelligent installations than any other time in history.

Property owners are beginning to appreciate the fact that technology infusion instantly elevates the property’s value and quality of life. They are therefore looking for creative and intuitive ways to replicate these smart installations throughout their properties. The bathroom is the latest culprit.

Smart toilets and bidets are becoming a darling to many thanks to their wide range of functions, which are also customizable to suit a user’s unique needs.

Keliss smart toilets and smart bidets are intuitively designed to be more hygienic, convenient, and eco-friendly. Moreover, they are highly adaptable to varying applications, thus a clever addition to any bathroom!

While using a toilet is a simple, straightforward task, bringing in Keliss smart toilets makes your time in the bathroom a lot more luxurious!

Want a more responsive and personalized bathroom experience bundled in endless luxury? Here is why you should consider Keliss smart toilets and smart bidets:

Improved everyday hygiene

Combining the high-end intelligence of a Keliss smart toilet and smart bidet instantly heightens your bathroom’s hygiene experience. Instead of discomforting paper wipes after finishing your toilet business, smart toilets and bidets help you clean the most intimate parts of your body quickly and hassle-free.


Thanks to the smart design of Keliss smart toilets and bidets, you can effortlessly clean your anal and perianal parts with water coupled with an anti-bacterial nozzle. What’s more, the intelligent duo doesn’t leave you wet.


Thanks to the infused hot air drying function, your sensitive skin is gently dried after washing. No bathroom hygiene beats that!

Better home sanitation and safety

Keliss smart toilets and bidets carry a huge potential for improving sanitation and increasing safety at home. The former is made possible with intuitive features like touchless flushing, and the latter by unique features like night-vision-enabled lighting.


What’s more, Keliss smart bathroom additions can easily clean themselves and close their own lids before flushing. This special capability significantly reduces the number of airborne bacteria in the house after each bathroom use.

User-friendly and adaptable

What beats the powerful combination of adaptability and user-friendliness? With Keliss smart toilets and smart bidets, that’s exactly what you get.


The intelligent duo is intuitively designed to suit your unique needs. Other than being hygiene-centered, Keliss smart toilets and bidets are cleverly adapted to personalized male and female cleansing. This makes them ideal for family bathrooms while mitigating paper irritation to sensitive areas.


For user-friendliness, Keliss smart bathroom products feature both intuitive button and remote control operations. These functions allow you to easily select the basic cleansing and drying options. Moreover, you can as well customize the settings according to your preferences, be it nozzle position, water pressure, or temperature.

Luxurious comfort

Built for luxury, Keliss smart toilets and bidets instantly heighten the level of your bathroom’s comfort. Equipped with a seat warming function, the smart toilet intuitively warms its seat as you prepare to use it.


Thus, if you are in a chilly environment, Keliss smart toilets and bidets will instantly usher you to soothing comfort. For users with joint pains or arthritis, this smart duo is an effortless way to make your bathroom trip less painful.

Save on water bills

Not only are Keliss smart toilets and smart bidets designed with enhanced energy efficiency but also water efficiency. That means they are intuitively designed to consume less water than their traditional counterparts.


In other words, Keliss smart products use only a few gallons of water per flush, ultimately cutting your monthly water bills.

Easy to install

Even in the absence of a handyman or plumber, installing Keliss smart toilets and bidets is a breeze. They come with easy-to-use components to help you flawlessly tap into your toilet’s plumbing.


Attaching the seat is also easy with a set of bolts. For the electronic features, all you need to do is plug the toilet into an electric outlet, and you are good to go.


The whole time spent? Just a few minutes!

Easy to clean

Once properly installed, Keliss smart toilets and bidets are both easy to use and clean. The toilet boasts a retractable nozzle that cleans itself before and after each use to provide maximum bathroom hygiene.


Moreover, when undertaking a thorough bathroom cleaning, you can eject the nozzle’s tip as well as detach the seat and cover from the pan. The smart toilet also features smooth inner walls and hence minimal room for dirt buildup.

Reduced mobility

Installing a Keliss smart toilet along with its bidet cousin makes life at home a whole lot easier for everybody, including the elderly or occupants with mobility issues. Having the cleaning and drying functions in one place will make daily washing routines of intimate parts a lot easier while mitigating the risk of slips and falls in the shower.

Saving bathroom space

Backed by a smart-savvy workforce and high-tech manufacturing, Keliss smart toilets and bidets boast a sleek, compact design to sit well with contemporary classical spaces. The minimalist design adopted will complement most modern bathroom design schemes without leaving any cables in sight.


Installing the smart toilet only requires a power supply and water outlet without any additional dredging or remodeling. Whether you opt for a wall-hung model or a floor-standing one, space-saving is guaranteed with the Keliss smart toilet.

Eco-friendly living

Using the traditional toilet translates to flushing away human waste plus paper waste. For one, paper wipes contribute to massive deforestation globally. Secondly, as paper breaks down in the sewer system, it turns into a massive sludge of waste that may cause clogging.


However, with a smart solution like Keliss smart toilet, you handle most of the waste cleansing with water, effectively eliminating paper use. So, thanks to the latest toilet technology, you can become part of the waste eradication movement and keep the ecosystem clean.

What Makes

Keliss a reliable smart living partner?

In a bid to take your bathroom experience to the next level, Keliss is actively investing time and money in industry-changing technology. The outcome of this is technologically advanced bathroom products that allow you to completely customize your toilet experience.

From foot warming and colored LED lighting to heated seating, Keliss smart product technology is specially handpicked to add an extra touch of luxury to your bathroom experience.

Thus, combining high-end technology with a highly skilled workforce, industry-leading infrastructure, and attentive customer care makes Keliss smart toilets and bidets an apt addition to modern smart living.

Continuously investing in the latest technology ensures Keliss smart products remain:


Innovation yields better products for more efficient living.


Adding automation to your bathroom experience speeds up repetitive processes for luxurious living.


Constant innovation in Keliss smart products intuitively aligns them to evolving customer needs while boosting satisfaction.


Technology infusion translates to first-class manufacturing processes to yield 5-star smart products.


Smart manufacturing geared at waste reduction makes Keliss smart products the best option for transforming your space into an eco-conscious environment.

Time to add luxury to your

Bathroom hygiene with Keliss!

Built for smart people, Keliss smart toilets and smart bidets are the ultimate solution for modern bathrooms.

In addition to improving bathroom hygiene, Keliss smart products are intuitively designed for luxury without detracting from the budget.

The journey to improving your quality of life starts with clever bathroom additions. Fortunately, Keliss affords you a wide selection of intelligent toilets and bidets to choose from and start living luxuriously.

Contact us today to begin your smart transition!


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